The university opened in 1930 as the National Institute of Physical Education of Ukraine in Kharkiv. Between 1930-1944 was renamed to the National Institute of Physical Education of Ukraine; in 1979-1989 – Sport Faculty of Kyiv State Institute of Physical Culture; 1989-2001 – Kharkiv State University of Physical Culture. In 1944 the institute was transferred to Kiev and changed its name to Kyiv State Institute of Physical Education.

Faculties and Departments:

The Academy consists of 4 colleges, 5 faculties, 18 departments, the Preparatory Center for foreign students, the School of Outstanding Sportsmanship, a scientific and research center, the Center of Computer technologies and information support of the process of physical education and sports. The Academy also provides post graduate courses for its students.

  • Faculty of Sport Games and Martial Arts

  • Faculty of Cyclic Sports

  • Faculty of Physical Education and Health

  • Faculty of extramural (distance learning), re-qualification and postgraduate education.

Sports and Supporting Facilities:

  • Educational and scientific-methodical department.

  • Department of International Cooperation.

  • Department for promotion of the employment of students and graduates.

  • Library.

  • Technical Department.

  • Reading Hall.

  • Sports facilities.

  • Athletic Club.

  • Research laboratory.

Tuition Fees: