Below we provide a full comprehensive list about nearly everything you need to know about study in Ukraine. We recommend that you walk through all the information in this page and acquire the necessary knowledge you need before applying in Ukraine. For more information, please reach out to us by email, or through instant messaging application like Viber or WhatsApp using this number: +380 73 044 5869

Visa for Ukraine

1. How can I get a visa if there is no Embassy of Ukraine in my country?

In order to receive a visa, you must visit a country which has an Embassy or Consulate of Ukraine and apply from there. See the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine’s website for a complete list of embassies and consulates – www.mfa.gov.ua

2. Can I come to study in Ukraine on a tourist visa?

No, if you are coming to study in a Ukrainian university, you must come on a student visa (which requires an invitation letter first).

3. If I have an invitation letter to study, can my parents or relatives come with me?

No, the invitation letter is a document issued to you alone. However, you can apply to the university for a personal invitation letter for your parents or relatives.

4. How long is the visa application process?

Typically, the visa application process is around ten working days. Sometimes this can be prolonged to 30 working days.

5. Do I need to extend my visa when I come to Ukraine?

Yes, upon arrival to Ukraine, each student must submit his documents to Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ukraine 30 days before his visa expiry. 

Admission in Ukraine

1. How can I choose a university in Ukraine?

Please visit our universities page which has a comprehensive list of Ukrainian Higher Education Institutions and you can make your choice. We recommend you to check out the official website of the university, which can be found also in our website.

2. How can I apply to get the invitation letter?

In order to reserve your seat and get your invitation letter, you need to submit your documents listed in the application form page either online or by email and pay its fee, afterwards, one of our agents will get back to you with instructions about how to get your student visa.

3. How can I receive my invitation letter?


The invitation letter is sent from the chosen university in Ukraine to our office and then we would forward it to you. Our office has a policy of using DHL due to its reliability internationally. The cost of mailing is included in the invitation letter fee.

4. How long does it take for the invitation letter to be issued?

It takes one to two weeks for the invitation letter to be issued, depending on the university of your choice and how long it takes for your documents to be cleared by Ukrainian authorities.

5. How long is the invitation letter valid for?


The invitation letter is valid up to 6 months. This information is mentioned in the invitation letter.


6. Is the admission process free of charge?


No, our office charges $150 USD for the admission process to study in Ukraine which includes: seat reservation, invitation letter, visa supporting document and DHL mailing. The payment must be collected before proceeding with the admission process.

7. How can I pay for the admission process through your office?

The best and most secure way to pay is with VISA or MasterCard through PayPal services. Our office will issue you an invoice, containing all the information and fees about your study plan to keep it with you until arrival to Ukraine. You can also pay via bank transfer, or Western Union services for more simpler payment method.

Study in Ukraine

1. What is the duration of the study program in Ukraine?

The duration varies between 2 - 6 years depending on the courses of study plan.

2. Are these Universities recognized or affiliated by any board of education?

Yes, they are recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education of Ukraine.

3. What is the teaching language used in Ukraine?

Studies in Ukraine are available in both English and Russian languages.

4. Do we need to pass any English test like IELTS or TOEFL to get admission in Ukraine?​

No, it is not mandatory. All Ukrainian Universities offer a Preparatory course program in both English and Russian language to help you learning the local language as well as the fundamentals of the course to the program of future enrollment.

5. Are Ukrainian degrees valued globally?

Yes, they are valued and recognized globally.

6. Is there any free scholarships in Ukraine?

Generally, the universities in Ukraine don't offer scholarships to international students, however, in some cases, foreign governmental scholarships and financial support can be provided like in Nigeria, China, etc.


7. Is there an accelerated medical program in Ukraine medical universities?


Some medical universities in Ukraine like "Poltava Medical and Dental University" offers an accelerated medical program only for those students eligible to apply for it. 


8. Is cost of education in Ukraine expensive?


The cost of education in Ukraine is on a high level, but very much cheaper than in any other European country.

9. Can we pay the tuition fee in installments?

Yes, you can pay the tuition fee in Ukraine in two installments, per semester.

10. How is the accommodation arrangement and what are the charges?


The University hostels are available for accommodation and are included in the fee package.

11. Can I work during my study?

Yes, you can find a variety of job offers for international students, but this shouldn't affect your study process.