A career in  aviation  and aerospace engineering in Ukraine is promising and exciting. Whether you've just graduated with a degree in aerospace engineering or you're considering becoming an aerospace engineer in the future, this information will help you decide whether aerospace engineering is right for you. 
Aerospace engineering in Ukraine is the process of designing, creating, building and manufacturing anything that flies. Jets, helicopters and even spaceships are all part of this field. The two main branches of aerospace engineering in Ukraine are aeronautical and astronautical engineering. The former deals with any aircraft that flies within the earth's atmosphere and the latter deals with anything that flies outside of the atmosphere. 
Aeronautical engineering in Ukraine teaches you how to build an aircraft that can fly within the earth's atmosphere including military flying technology, commercial and passenger jets, helicopters, and even drones. Many people feel that Aerospace engineering only came to be in the 20th century, but scientists and dreamers have been designing machines to fly since the Renaissance and beyond. Once you complete your studies as an aerospace or aeronautical engineer in Ukraine, you may think about the next options. There are plenty of careers suited for a variety of different personality types in the aerospace engineering field. 
When you enter the field with a bachelor's degree, you might start as a paid intern or research assistant, which will help you learn even more and prepare you for a long career in the aerospace field. Other entry-level positions include project engineer, design engineer, systems engineer and manufacturing engineer, all of which could lead to senior positions after several years of successful performance.

Why study aviation in Ukraine?

Most of international students are attracted by Ukrainian universities because of several reasons, among which are:

  • Simple application and guaranteed admission.

  • Possibility of studying in English.

  • Low tuition fees and living cost.

  • Multicultural environment enriching and expanding student life and sense of life.

  • Good quality of education.

Aviation in Ukraine: Degree and Duration of Study

  • Aviation engineering: duration of the course is 4 years. Degree awarded is "Engineer in Aviation + specialization".

  • Aerospace engineering: duration of the course is 4 years. Degree awarded is "Engineer in Aerospace + specialization".

  • Aeronautical Engineering: duration of the course is 4 years; degree awarded is "Engineer in Aeronautics + specialization".

Tuition fees:

Study Aviation abroad in Ukraine is best choice financially for those who would like to dive into the aviation and aerospace world. The cost of education in English are about $3000 per year. 


For additional expenses

  • Accommodation: $850

  • Residency Extension: $600 (4 years)

  • Document Legalization: $170

Kharkiv Aviation Institute - Study in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of few countries of the world where aviation and space engineering are developed and manufactured and where skilled specialists are trained for these areas. The National Aerospace University Kharkiv Aviation Institute is the leading one among the Ukrainian educational institutions which turn out such specialists.The National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute"(KhAI) was founded in 1930.

Study Programs:  Aviation engineering, Aerospace engineering, Computer sciences & engineering, Automobile and mechanical engineering



National Aviation University - Study in

National Aviation University is a university located in Kiev, Ukraine. It started in 1933 when the Kiev Aviation Institute was founded on the basis of the mechanical department of Kiev Polytechnic Institute. The University consists of 16 institutes, 2 separate faculties, 1 Aviation Academy (KFA NAU), 3 lyceums, 6 colleges and 12 research institutes including their subdivisions and 8 departments.

Study ProgramsFlight trainingAirport operations, Air Navigation, Ecological Safety, Information Diagnostic Systems



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