1. Document Collecting:

Below are documents that should be officially translated to Ukrainian or Russian ​language and uploaded with your application in order to get admission in Ukraine.

  1. Passport

  2. Certificate of secondary education / Bachelor Diploma / Master Diploma

  3. Transcript


2. Invitation Letter:

After application process is started, we issue the invitation letters to Study in Ukraine in 10 days. As soon as the invitation letter is ready, we send hard copy of it via Post.

Seat Reservation + Visa Support + Post Transfer: 500$


3. Additional documents:

Student has also to prepare the documents below and officially translate them in Ukrainian or Russian language.

  1. Certificate of health

  2. HIV/AIDS Negative certificate

  3. 8 photos (3x4cm)

4. Visa application:

After receiving invitation letter, the student can apply for Ukraine student visa at the Ukrainian Embassy of his/her respective country.

5. Students Arrival:

We arrange the date of arrival to Ukraine. We will prepare apartments or hostel for students in advance.

6. Tuition fee:

After arriving to Ukraine, students will sign a contract with his/her university, pay tuition fee via local bank and get all needed documents and information to start his/her education in Ukraine.


IMPORTANT: The invitation letter fee can be partially refunded only in the case of Visa refusal if there is are no missing documents. Refund requests are automatically declined if the student decides on his own wish to cancel his arrival to Ukraine after obtaining the invitation letter, or if the student fails to provide all the necessary elements required by the Ukrainian embassy in his/her respective countryWhen submitting for the Visa, make sure your documents are not missing any element, our agents are available 24/7 to assist you with your needs.


​Please inform you agent about the date of your arrival to Ukraine, to avoid immigration clearance issues.