Mercury Modern Business, a company registered in the Ministry of Education of Ukraine under the number CIE № 051/08 date of issue of the license 16-01-2003 and is also registered in the Ukrainian embassies abroad, is an education consultancy, situated in Kharkiv city, Ukraine.

Formed in 2003, Mercury Modern Business - Study in Ukraine has opened the horizons of Ukrainian Universities to welcome students from all over the world. During our journey, unlike any other organizations, we are proud of our advancement and our international students whose number is rising every year graduating from a myriad variety of Ukrainian universities.

It is guaranteed, with our help and services your dreams and expectations are surely to come true, thanks to our relations with a myriad of Universities in a large spectrum of subjects and fields of expertise, your education in Ukraine is in good hands of highly skilled specialists.


Mercury Modern Business - Study in Ukraine offers you Ukrainian-related services of consultations and guidance. We provide assistance and foregrounding regarding the application process and during the stay in Ukraine. You can choose to study in either the English or the Russian language. There is no set criteria in order to be able to apply, no IELTS, TOEFL is required. Anybody who wants to increase his or her knowledge through further education can apply in Ukraine universities. For students with poor language skills, they can also apply to a preparation course before degree mode of study. We lighten the path of communication and understanding between students and their chosen Universities in Ukraine as an insurance of profiting to the fullest from the experience of study in Ukraine. Our specialists work individually to take care of students preparations to study and live in Ukraine. Our Ethos is to maintain a close relation with students and their stay related needs. We offer you an undeniably guaranteed admission to Ukrainian Universities.