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Are you looking for an affordable way to study abroad? A prestigious university with luxurious accommodations? Study in Ukraine is the future of thousands of international and exchange students who seek inevitable success and a worthwhile experience by which they acquire a well respected diploma and a highly skilled academic and pragmatic expertise. Ukraine is your best option if you are looking for your next steps in education for a universities in English in Europe. Look no further, by choosing to further your education in Ukraine you will see that this is your way forward and will impress future employers, as they will see you are just following the crowd when you further your education. Study in Ukraine has outstanding reviews with the application process being both easy and understandable, we are with you every step of the way.If you want to study medicine, you will find you are receiving the best education anywhere. In addition to medicine what courses can you take here in Ukraine? Well, again there are very many different courses and it really does depend on what you want to learn.

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Mercury Modern Business - Study in Ukraine has been offering professional educational advisory services to all local and foreign students, and has successfully helped countless students register to the leading Ukrainian Universities. We dedicate every ounce of efficient effort to make sure your receive the proper and ultimate experience of study in Ukraine through our quality services, consultants and experts. We guide you from the beginning of your journey until the start of your career to ensure that you emerge as a highly qualified expert in the subject you choose to major at. We also ensure, after you gain admission, that students stay will be as convenient as possible. Study in Ukraine is a very intimidating task to do, yet we help you to cope with the rhythm of everyday life in Ukraine through familiarizing you with the culture and traditions of the country, and also by leading you to the active side of the educational system in which you participate in the community as smooth as possible with the help of our effective and trustworthy specialists whose job is to make sure that your stay will be comfortable and very fruitful and your experiences and requirements are a priority. Our journey towards our current success has been hard yet what we have accomplished lightens the weight of the period in which we struggled. The dreams of young generations who trust us with their future has been ensured success, their efforts met their expectations, their diplomas which are recognized ​and approved all over the world makes us proud, hundreds of students landed safely in the market of careers, graduating from a variety of prestigious Ukrainian Universities years after successful years. 


1. Official admission letter from the chosen university in Ukraine.

2. Deposit of course fee with the Department of Higher Education in Ukraine for respective University.

3. VISA support letter from the Department of Higher Education in Ukraine to guarantee it.

4. Airport pick-up from the respective airports in Kiev, Kharkiv, Odessa, etc.

5. Assistance in Immigration Clearance in Ukraine.

6. Accommodation arrangement in University hostel.

7. Issueing student card, hostel card, International residency extension card.

8. Opening of bank account in one of Ukrainian international banks.

9. Visa support during the entire period of study.

10. Arrangement of separate rooms for female students.

​11. Providing full support to our students at all occasions during whole period.

12. Orientation program for students in the local environment in Ukraine.

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The number of foreign students, wishing to pursue higher education in Ukraine is increasing every single day. This is not surprising, as Ukraine offers excellent opportunities for receiving academic degree in the desired specialty. Study in Ukraine is your best choice financially and academically mainly due to low education cost compared to other European countries, and its education quality. Here is a list of reasons why choosing to study in Ukraine:

1. Quality Education for all international students:

Internationally recognized scientific achievements, quality Higher Education Institutions and effective teaching methods. Education in Ukraine is both useful and very beneficial. In comparison with other European countries, the price of education in Ukraine is much lower.

2. Cost effective (cheapest European education):

Cost of education in Ukraine is on a very high level, very much cheaper than in any other European country.


We believe that each Student who is eager to study deserves this opportunity, and we are ready to give it. Really easy admission. Also, There is no set criteria in order to be able to study in Ukraine, no IELTS, TOEFL or any other test is required.

4. Tuition fee and costs of education are paid only on arrival to Ukraine:

A lot of students don’t want to pay before arrival. Here you can do this. Sure, you have to pay for invitation letter and services of the agency if you use it, but anyway, almost all money you’ll pay only after arrival to Ukraine. Your money are safe.

5. 100% VISA assured to all candidates: 

For those who are genuinely interested in education, there is one more plus – you’ll 100% get VISA if you will study in Ukrainian university. Mercury Modern Business is ready to provide all necessary consultations and help to choose an institution that will meet your needs and goals. We cooperate only with the top-ranked Governmental Ukrainian universities.


الطب العام
يعني هذا التخصص بدراسة معمقة لتركيب جسم الإنسان ووظائفه والتعرف على الأمراض التي قد تصيب كل جهاز من أجهزة الجسم.  
دراسة بكالوريوس الطب العام تتم الدراسة فيها باللغة الانجليزية او الروسية حسب رغبة الطالب
الطلاب الذين يرغبون الدراسة بالروسية يحتاجون اولا دراسة كورس تحضيري للغة الروسية لمدة ثمانية شهور وبعدها يمكنهم دراسة الطب العام
ومدة دراسة بكالوريوس الطب العام هي ستة سنوات ...
اما تكاليف دراسة الطب العام تختلف من جامعة لأخرى وادناه قائمة لتكاليف دراسة الطب العام في بعض الجامعاتلماذا الدراسة في أوكرانيا تعتبر الخيار الأمثل في أوروبا ؟
أوكرانيا – المكان الأفضل لتصبح مهندسا أو طبيبا ما هرا أو خبيرا في علم الاجتماع والشؤون الاقتصادية , وهي المكان الذي ستتلقون فيه تعليما يتطابق مستواه مع أرقى المعايير الدولية مع فرص حقيقية للتدريب أثناء الدراسة فطلاب الطب على سبيل المثال يسمح لهم بالالتحاق بالمستشفيات الاوكرانية من السنة الدراسية الثانية مما يوفر للطبيب المتخرج عدد كبير من السنوات العملية قبل انهاء الدراسة وتندرج اليوم أوكرانيا ضمن الدول العشرة الاوائل من حيث عدد الطلبة الأجانب الذين يدرسون حاليا في الجامعات الأوكرانية والبالغ عددهم حوالي 45 الف طالب وطالبة من مختلف انحاء العالم مما يشكل نسبة مهمة من حجم السوق العالمية للخدمات التعليمية وفي المقابل يتمتع هؤلاء الطلاب بمستوى تعليمي عالي يقدم من جامعات عريقة يتجاوز اعمارها المئة سنة مقابل اسعار هي الأرخض أوروبيا


output-onlinepngtools (15).png



Duration of Study: 4 years

Language: English/Russian

Study Degree: Bachelor/Master

Accommodation: $850

Residency Fee: $600

output-onlinepngtools (16).png



Duration of Study: 4 years

Language: English/Russian

Study Degree: Bachelor/Master

Accommodation: $1000

Residency Fee: $600

Study Engineering in Ukraine



Duration of Study: 4 years

Language: English/Russian

Study Degree: Bachelor/Master

Accommodation: $1000

Residency Fee: $600




Duration of Study: 4 years

Language: Russian

Study Degree: Bachelor/Master

Accommodation: $1000

Residency Fee: $600

Medicine in Ukraine.png



Duration of Study: 6 years

Language: English/Russian

Study Degree: Vocational

Accommodation: $1000

Residency Fee: $900




Duration of Study: 1 year

Language: English/Russian

Study Degree: Preparatory

Accommodation: $1000

Residency Fee: $150

أوكرانيا، الكليات في أوكرانيا، أرخص الجامعات لدراسة الطب في أوكرانيا، أرخص دولة لدراسة الطب في أوروبا، الدراسة في أوكرانيا، الأسعار في أوكرانيا، دراسة الهندسة في أوكرانيا، دراسة الطيران في أوكرانيا، أريد السفر الى أوكرانيا، أسعار السكن في أوكرانيا، أسعار السكن في أوكرانيا، أسعار المعيشة في أوكرانيا، أسعار فيزا أوكرانيا، أفضل جامعة أوكرانيا لدراسة الطب، الأوراق المطلوبة فيزا أوكرانيا، الجامعات الأوكرانية المعترف بها، دراسة طب الأسنان في أوكرانيا، الدراسة في أوكرانيا للمصريين، الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2019, الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2020, الدراسة في أوكرانيا للمغاربة، الدراسة في أوكرانيا للسعودين، شركة الدراسة في أوكرانيا، دراسة إدارة الأعمال في أوكرانيا, الدراسة في أوكرانيا للسورين، الدراسة في أوكرانيا للعراقيين، الدراسة في أوكرانيا للفلسطينين، الدراسة في أوكرانيا لليبين,الدراسة في أوكرانيا مجانا, ukraine visa,

الدراسة في أوكرانيا

أسعار الدراسة في أوكرانيا

دراسة الطيران في أوكرانيا

دراسة الهندسة في أوكرانيا

دراسة الطب في أوكرانيا 

دراسة إدارة الأعمال في أوكرانيا

في الدراسة في أوكرانيا



Study Aviation and Aerospace Engineering in Ukraine